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Hi. All of the idiots saying “OMG sex with a trans women doesn’t have to mean penetration!”

First of all, gross.

Second of all, here’s the thing. Lesbians don’t like dick. We don’t want to be around it, whether it is “penetrating” or not. YOU SOUND EXACTLY LIKE HETEROSEXUAL MEN WHO SAY THINGS…

It absolutely astounds me how people cannot get such simple concepts, so I am reblogging this and have bolded and intalicised a rather important bit of information. If this it tl;dr just read the bolded section below.

Furthermore, a trans person ignoring their own biological reality in favour of daisy decorated delusions is not only being idiotic towards other people but also hurting their own cause.

Perhaps not all trans people are like my friend I mentioned on the one post I have actually made on my wordpress blog, However, it would seem to mean that when it comes to transsexual people who think their body is the wrong sex and who wish to change that, they would be less inclined to do stupid shit like call a penis female and more likely to push the medical world towards doing more research into giving them the possibility of having fully female or male organs in the future.

Delusions that a penis is female and a body with a fully in tact penis and testicles can be female if someone thinks it is does not help people who like females to want your body, nor does it get the medical community moving to do things to actually help you.

So really this whole Cotton Ceiling debacle not only downplays lesbians’ desires for other female bodied people, but also the desires of transsexual people to have a body of their supposedly correct sex.

Outside of this of a bit socially retarded as it seems to ignore the basics mechanics of relationships, being an attraction between two individuals, not a compound incident involving perceived societal tendencies involving complicated social dynamics. So if you look like a dude and a lesbian does not want you, it is not because she is afraid of social backlash or transmisogynist, it is because you look like a dude. Simple as.

You can call that shallow, but even if such an argument held up it does not matter because her individual preferences did not include you and no consensual relationship could possibly form. Such is reality; get the fuck over it.