I was thinking after all the events and thoughts of the day, and I wanted to try making a clear and concise reason as to why trans women pose a threat to females. Not the possible physical threat, but the one caused by their appropriation of “female styled” identity.

If tl;dr, read the bold.

The issue is that you (emperical) move throughout your life, collecting thoughts and ideas about what you perceive to define “woman,” “girl,” and “female.” This is from an external perspective because even if you feel like a woman, you still have no idea what it means to be and live as a female. Thus you often encompass ideals imposed by men onto women such as subservience, certain clothing choices and perceived material preferences.

This is dangerous to female liberation because it undermines the reality that females are full human beings, fully capable of acting, wearing and in general, being whatever they want. Carrying on male ideals of women as you were socialised to like and saw from the outside is not helpful to us.

Likely I am now transphobic for posting this, but I don’t stand to give a fuck in this regard.