This months old post brings up yet another important way in which trans politics harms FAAB liberation from stereotyping, subjugation and workplace discrimination.

Speaking of male privilege, which Gray kept along with his dick:

Miss Gray, who is now a full-time consultant engineer, is keen to help others who may be hiding their true nature away.

Great, another tranz proxy. A male-dominated profession, and his place will count in the Equality Statistics as “female”, once again hiding the inequality that FAABs face in the workplace.

And that’s not the only problem with this either. See, the people (mostly men) working alongside Gray may do well to refer to Gray with female pronouns and such, but theywill still always keep in mind that Gray is/was male. As such, to them someone who is female bodied will still not be seen as a viable candidate for this job because the one who has it had the mind of a male when they learned it.

So in turn, this reinforces the idea that there is shit which female bodied people cannot do, along with already creating yet another false statistic since the individual got this job as a male, no matter what happened after the job was acquired.