Many times radical feminists, lesbians, other women, and probably carpets and puppies as well are accused of being “transphobic.” However, what does it actually mean? Is there one particular aspect of trans people we are to be scared of in general which superscedes the others?

Because in this case, I probably am transphobic because I am scared of the impact trans people will have on invisibilising sex-based work discrimination when they get a job in a male-dominated field as male, then switch sexes to get counted as female in equality statistics which a business can lean on, only then to be thought of by others as having enough male DNA and experience to get the job in the first place. (See Another Issue with Trans)

I am probably transphobic if it means being scared of how they empower the idea of traditional gender expressions to the point of making it a reason for transition. That being, since they were “too feminine,” they must actually be women. (See Issue with Trans Women)

I probably am transphobic if it means worrying about the impact which trans men will have on the identities of butch and other non-feminine-conforming women in the future; women who would normally have no desire to be male yet may be turned to this idea due to it becoming such a popular social path, as to almost be as popular for deviant FAAB women as intense femininity is for straight FAAB women.

However, the onus is on the trans people who shout that I am “transphobic” to calm my fears through their actions, not yell that I am transphobic, and do nothing to actually prevent the issues that they actively are causing. I am not bigoted; I am concerned.