I had some sort of realisation (probably not a huge one) while reading an article on feministing written by a trans about how transwomen are erased from people’s sexual preferences towards women and transmen (because life is all about sexual access, after all; at least to males), that it is useful to think of gender identity as the attempt for people to add yet another layer to humanity. To help illustrate this I have decided to use imagery provided by Trident for their Trident Layers product.


Now, I did not define what was meant by Gender for each side because according to the Gender folks, both sexes can have any gender identity that they want. That said, when we look at each side we are able to discern that each side has being Human and having a Gender in common. They also have having a Sex in common, but each sex is different.

Now, the reason Trident layers and this image is so great for showing what the trans Gender folks are trying to do is reflected in the order as well as what the two sides have in common. Although the difference between the sexes is important (specifically for sex-based protection), it is often used in order to cover up the fact that both are still human. The Gender layer attempts to mask sex-based differences while adding a layer which is actually still completely shared between the two sexes. Since it has no actual definitions and is supposedly shared equally amongst the sexes, it results in a lot of cross-talk and tripping over one’s speech when used to justify things, such as why lesbians should be into transwoman peen.

In essence, the Gender layer looks like the Human layer, and both sexes are Human, so as long as they can cover up that pesky sex layer with enough Genderspeak then there are no longer any meaningful differences between peen and vagina, as long as they say there’s not. As in the article, you can see the reality that women and trans men both have vaginas, whereas transwomen have peen, being completely ignored for the sake of this cover up.